• Bentley Channel Partners

Bentley Channel Partners

Bentley Channel Partners deliver, implement, train, support, and enhance our offerings to users through their industry expertise and proven sales and technical knowledge of our products and solutions. Channel partners are carefully chosen, selectively authorized companies that focus on small and medium-size organizations to improve Bentley users' long-term growth and satisfaction.
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  • “The Bentley Channel Partner Program represents a tremendous opportunity both for our partners and Bentley. It enables our partners to broaden their portfolios with our software for sustaining infrastructure. It helps Bentley continue to expand the ecosystem of solutions and services for our users. Our partners are authorized by Bentley according to their expertise and specialization in the infrastructure solution communities Bentley serves — distinguishing their capabilities among our users. We’re currently recruiting high caliber organizations to join our program and welcome inquiries from prospective partners globally.”

    Greg Bentley Chief Executive Officer Bentley Systems, Incorporated
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