• PlantSight

    Experience the Moment of Knowing

Digital Twin for the Process Industry

PlantSight enables organizations operating, maintaining and upgrading process plants to increase asset performance and reduce operating costs through everyday use and update of trusted plant information. Experience that moment of knowing, working in an immersive digital mode of collaboration to gain invaluable insights from your data to make fast and accurate maintenance, reliability, production, and engineering decisions.


Jointly developed for the process industry by Siemens and Bentley, PlantSight brings all of your plant data and information together, contextualizes it, validates it, and visualizes it. It transforms raw data into one complete digital twin.
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Cloud Services
  • Acquire and Aggregate Engineering Models from Various Sources

    • Interoperability with engineering models from Bentley, Siemens, and third-party sources such as AVEVA (PDMS/E3D/P&ID) and Hexagon (Smart3D, SmartPlant P&ID) to verify and validate the as-operating condition of the asset.
  • Use Asset Performance Management and Advanced Analytics

    • Leverage IIoT data and other sources of data in ways never before possible to solve business problems. Combine asset performance management, advanced analytics, and the power of Mindsphere to manage risk-based reliability-centered strategies for your assets. PlantSight provides a holistic view of asset health to anticipate the onset of failures and make informed proactive maintenance decisions. With the reliability and integrity programs built into PlantSight, asset managers can reduce risk, eliminate unexpected downtime, increase availability and utilization, ensure compliance with regulations, and meet safety and environmental targets.
  • Visualize the Digital Twin in Multiple Views (Digital Contexts)

    • PlantSight’s tools for visualization of the digital twin will allow not only the ability to view the engineering contexts of the asset (no matter the authoring tool), but also to create issues, markups, and comments to assist with task planning for maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations. By adding Bentley’s reality modeling technology, you can easily capture existing plant conditions using digital photography and laser scanning to create an accurate as-operated reality mesh of the plant as an additional context.
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