• GS E&C Corporation

    Jungkun-Jinjeong Bypass (Sueo-chon Bridge)

    Gwangyang, Jeolla-Namdo, South Korea

Project Summary


The USD 27.5 million Sueo-chon Bridge project is part of a 7.8-kilometer bypass roadway initiative in Gwangyang, South Korea, to alleviate roadway congestion and accommodate growing traffic demands in the area. GS E&C Corporation (GSEC) was retained to provide design review and construction services. Faced with revising the original bridge design and obtaining approval from the client and stakeholders amid a tight construction schedule, the project team required an integrated modeling and analysis solution.


GSEC implemented a 3D BIM and structural analysis solution and piloted its integrated engineering platform (IEP) concept using Bentley technology. The team used RM Bridge, OpenBridge™ Modeler, and MicroStation® to review and analyze the original bridge design and visually demonstrate the flawed structural integrity to the owner. Using ProjectWise and Bentley’s interoperable modeling applications, GSEC established its IEP, providing an open, connected data environment, streamlining 3D workflows, and optimizing information sharing to timely design an economical bridge alternative.


Despite the tight schedule, using Bentley’s integrated modeling and analysis applications, GSEC performed an efficient, timely review of design alternatives and provided an optimal redesign while saving USD 2.3 million. The team resolved 245 potential clashes of tendons and rebar, shortening the construction schedule by 14.5 days, and improving quality and constructability. Working in the digital IEP facilitated real-time collaboration for better decision making and improved deliverables. Overall, implementing the Bentley-based technology solution prevented potentially fatal accidents from the original design, an outcome that goes beyond economic and financial return on investment.


The comprehensive analysis features in RM Bridge enabled GSEC to quickly review and analyze the structural integrity of the original bridge design and identify technical issues, providing the catalyst for the entire redesign. Using OpenBridge Modeler, Navigator, and MicroStation enhanced client and stakeholder understanding through 3D modeling and visualization of the new bridge design proposal. ProjectWise provided the foundation to establish the IEP and use the 3D models for digital document management and real-time information sharing. The reality modeling capabilities of ContextCapture facilitated communication and construction monitoring to timely identify and resolve on-site issues, critical to keeping the project on schedule.

Project Playbook: OpenBuildings™ Designer, ContextCapture, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenBridge Modeler, ProjectWise, RM Bridge

  • The USD 27.5 million Sueo-chon Bridge is the main bridge along the new bypass in Gwangyang, South Korea, expected to alleviate traffic congestion and meet future demands of the growing bay area.
  • GSEC used Bentley modeling and analysis applications to identify fatal structural flaws of the original bridge design and provide a timely, economical redesign, saving USD 2.3 million.
  • Using OpenBridge Modeler to identify and resolve 245 potential clashes shortened the construction schedule by 14.5 days.
  • Piloting the 3D-based digital IEP concept using ProjectWise and Bentley technology streamlined workflows, reduced errors, and improved decision making.
  • “Bentley solutions provide useful tools in a variety of areas of infrastructure projects, especially from structural analysis tools such as RM Bridge and 3D modeling tools for BIM utilization. [Moving] from an individual work environment to a team collaboration environment, we have accomplished excellent results by building an integrated engineering environment thanks to Bentley solutions.”

    Gun-suk Kim Infrastructure Team Leader, Technology Division GS E&C
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