• Government

    Sustaining public infrastructure

Solutions for Public Infrastructure

Whether you work in cadastre, national security, public works, or another government function, you will benefit from Bentley’s solutions for the design, construction, and management of public infrastructure. Our offerings include multi-discipline design modeling, reality modeling, mapping and GIS, and electronic plan review. Our content management solution improves information visibility across departments and agencies, providing the collaborative environment to enable more effective decisions. 

Our reality modeling solution allows you to rapidly build a highly precise 3D geometric model of existing infrastructure, useful for many applications as you plan, design, build, and operate infrastructure. Use digital imagery captured from any source, including AVs, aircraft, or digital cameras.

If you need to manage the submission and review of plans for projects within your jurisdiction, Bentley’s solution for electronic plan review can help you streamline your process and support the required interaction between stakeholders.

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With CONNECTservices, learn to master your Bentley applications and get work done at any time from any place. Empower your teams to connect and collaborate.  

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