August 28, 2018

Oil and gas companies can save 10% or more in chemical costs through insights into usage with Bentley Systems’ new chemical management solution

Bentley Systems announces the release of a new chemical management solution for oil and gas companies operating multiple onshore or offshore wells. With the extended functionality of AssetWise CONNECT Edition, users can consolidate chemical and corrosion data into one central source, to make faster, more informed decisions regarding chemical usage, dosage rates, inventory and more, reducing chemical costs and improving availability of inventory across the operation.

AssetWise’s chemical management solution helps operators to optimize chemical usage and reduce spending. Operators can monitor all aspects of chemical usage and treatments: corrosion, separation, erosion, production, integrity, sampling, environmental compliance, and lab analysis. In doing so, users can predict chemical usages against targets and environmental emissions, while automating scheduling and reporting.

Through a combination of data gathered from sensors and other connected devices known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Bentley’s connected data environment, AssetWise Operational Analytics gives users the seamless integration of systems and processes that help provide the information they need for precise consolidation, visualization, and analysis.

By bringing all data sources into one central source, Bentley’s solution provides full visibility into how chemicals are being used and how effective they are. Interactive dashboards within Operational Analytics provide users with a range of tools and visualization aids to help track KPIs and create benchmarks across all assets (onshore or offshore) to compare and understand immediately what needs to be improved and where, through a variety of alerts, graphs, and reports.

Anne-Marie Walters, Bentley Systems’ industry marketing director for oil and gas, said, “The chemical management capabilities that this proven operational analytics solution brings to our users offers a tangible return on investment and a scalable solution for oil and gas production, both onshore or offshore. Through maximizing usage of expensive chemicals, oil and gas organizations can see savings of ten percent or more, which will help more effectively reduce operating costs in this volatile industry.”

About AssetWise
AssetWise optimizes asset performance and supports an asset strategy of regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and risk mitigation. Built on a hybrid cloud-computing platform that leverages a common data environment, AssetWise facilitates the interoperation of multiple data sources, providing operations, maintenance, and engineering with accurate and reliable information, when it is needed, to make informed decisions, from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance. Aligned with asset management standards PAS 55 and ISO 55001, AssetWise follows international standards to ensure assets are delivering optimal value and meeting business needs. AssetWise also applies information modeling and information management technologies to asset operations and, when combined with Bentley’s ProjectWise, provides a complete lifecycle information management solution for owner-operators. AssetWise solutions are advancing intelligent infrastructure for owner-operators in asset-rich industries including oil and gas, mining, transportation, power generation and utilities, which have a combined net infrastructure value of over $4.5 trillion. Learn more about AssetWise.

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