Bentley Systems Statement Against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Pursuant to provision 54 of the U.K. Modern Slavery Act of 2015 (the “Act”), Bentley Systems, Incorporated and its subsidiaries (“Bentley”), is issuing this Statement for our financial year of 2017 that discloses the steps we have implemented to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within our organization or within our business supply chains.

Bentley is committed to good corporate citizenship and the highest ethical standards. Bentley is a global leader with a mission to provide innovative software and services for professionals who design, build, and operate the world’s infrastructure--sustaining the global economy and environment for improved quality of life. Due to the technical and professional nature of our business, we believe there is a lowrisk of Bentley engaging in modern slavery or human trafficking. Moreover, we are not aware of any situation that would be considered an instance of a labor violation. We are aware of the complex nature of identifying modern human slavery and will conduct additional diligence to ensure the requirements of the Act are upheld.

Bentley conducts business in countries that may be more vulnerable to human rights abuses than others. Accordingly, Bentley has a zero-tolerance policy for such abuses. Bentley has developed processes to communicate this zero-tolerance policy. This Statement provides a framework for the actions we are taking in order uphold the obligations set-forth in the Act. 

Bentley’s Code of Conduct and Employee Handbook are Bentley’s guideposts for conducting our business with the highest level of ethics and integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

This Statement is to affirm Bentley’s position that our colleagues, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and other partners with whom Bentley conducts business must not engage in any business practice that would constitute trafficking in persons or slavery. We are committed to our zero-tolerance policy for human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain. Bentley has provided affected departments with compliance training and has communicated this Statement to our vendor community. 

Any actual or suspected violation should be reported immediately to Bentley’s Compliance Committee.

We will update this Statement as necessary as we continue to improve our compliance program.



David Shaman
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
Bentley Systems, Incorporated

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