• OpenBridge

    Better bridges beginning to end

Design, Modeling, and Analysis Software for Bridges

OpenBridge Designer is a unique application that combines modeling, analysis, and design into one comprehensive bridge product. The application utilizes the modeling capabilities of OpenBridge Modeler and the analysis and design features of LEAP® Bridge Concrete and LEAP Bridge Steel to meet the design and construction needs of both concrete and steel bridges. 

OpenBridge Designer features advanced interoperability, allowing access to Bentley’s civil application data, as well as a seamless connection to Bentley’s bridge design and analysis applications. Project team members can take the conceptual model from OpenBridge Modeler into the design stage and move through the workflow by performing analysis and design including evaluation of construction work stages using Bentley’s LEAP applications, OpenRoads Designer, ProStructures, ProjectWise and other applications.  

With this all in one application you’ll accelerate performance, produce intelligent models through intuitive capabilities for 3D parametric bridge modeling, and improve project deliverables with intelligent data management and automated drawing production that revolutionizes the bridge delivery process.
  • OpenBridge Design Stub
    OpenBridge Designer
    A single product that creates interoperable physical and analytical models to be utilized throughout the lifecycle of both steel and concrete bridges.
  • stub_Palmetto-Section-Florida_Finely_PurchasedPhoto-from-Robert-Holmes
    OpenBridge Modeler
    3D parametric modeling software for bridges. Integrate with civil design applications and leverage enhanced visualization.
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