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    Maximize vessel performance

Initial Hull Design Software

Visualize and optimize vessel designs with the complete set of integrated naval architecture tools in MAXSURF. Create fair hull shapes, comply with stability requirements, minimize power requirements, and ensure crew and passenger comfort in varying sea states. Minimize structural weight while ensuring scantling compliance through initial modeling and stress analysis of beam and plate structures.
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  • Assess vessel compliance

    • Ensure compliance with international stability criteria and balance vessel performance requirements using integrated analysis tools. Perform a range of analyses including intact and damaged stability, power and resistance calculation, vessel motion prediction, and structural stress analysis.??
  • Model marine vessels

    • Create complex 3D hull forms for any type of vessel using wizards and interactive sketch tools. Systematically explore design alternatives by making measured changes to your models with easy-to-use tools. Apply transformations to increase the productivity of your initial hull design process.?
  • Optimize vessel design

    • Perform fast hull form variation and analysis with team-based concurrent modeling on a common 3D parametric model. Easily visualize and assess design alternatives ??with smooth data flow within a consistent graphical environment.??
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