• GE Power & Water

    New Ternium Pesqueria Water Treatment Plant

    Monterrey, Mexico

Project Summary


This USD 30 million project involved engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of an 884-cubic-meter-per-hour water treatment plant to serve a steel plant located in Monterrey, Mexico. Under contract to Techint Ingeniería y Construcción, GE Power & Water brought together water technology from India, a construction team in Mexico, and project management in North America to deliver the project.


ProjectWise provided multi-office coordination that ensured the latest versions of drawings were used by all team members. PlantSpace helped create an accurate, constructible model and accurate bills of material. Bentley Structural’s import/export capabilities facilitated data exchange with AutoPIPE and STAAD for stress analysis. Bentley Navigator and i-models allowed design reviews to be performed by offices around the world.


Bentley software integration saved about one month of man-hours in the design of the water treatment plant, which serves the manufacturing plants of TenarisTamsa and Ternium. The accurate piping bill of materials from the 3D models helped to justify and save nearly USD 3 million during installation. Precision engineering, coordination, and project management helped to deliver an environmentally friendly plant with zero liquid discharge and high energy efficiency.


Bentley’s interoperable software products used on this project included AutoPIPE, Bentley Structural, Bentley Navigator, MicroStation, PlantSpace, ProjectWise, and STAAD. The easy exchange of data for analysis and detailing, along with the intelligent models, helped GE Power & Water to achieve a high degree of accuracy, reduce errors, improve constructability, and stay on schedule.

  • Bentley software integration reduced design of the water treatment plant by about one month of man-hours, which represents nearly USD 3 million in savings.
  • Precision engineering, coordination, and project management helped to deliver an environmentally friendly plant with zero liquid discharge.
  • GE Power & Water technology is designed for 80 percent efficiency in the use of electricity.
  • "Bentley's commitment to interoperability can be seen in action in our projects. Importing other CAD formats, exchanging data for analysis and detailing, and publishing intelligent data by means of 3D PDF all add to our confidence to deliver every time, on time."

    Vishal Adyanthaya Global CAD Administrator GE Power & Water
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