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    Managed Services

    Get service levels tailored to business outcomes

Service Level Agreements and Success Plans

Get expert resources and premium levels of service to take your project delivery or operational effectiveness to the next level. Give your team every advantage. Extend your team's capacity and capabilities. Make sure you are getting the most out of your software and doing all you can to optimize your work processes.

For project teams seeking to accelerate their time to value and achieve higher levels of performance as rapidly as possible, a Success Plan offers premium levels of service and support. Your Success plan can include everything you need to set up and configure your project templates and managed workspaces. Our solution experts can help with any configuration requirement, including security and rights management, i-model automation, and plotting and publishing frameworks. Your Success Plan guarantees access to resident engineers and performance consultants who provide an annual health check and performance assessments to make sure your software is up-to-date, is working as it should, and you are getting full value from your software. Your Success Plan ensures you have the right resources in place to drive user adoption and increase productivity.

For organizations that require 24x7 support and execution of business processes including project administration, CAD management and document control, Bentley offers premium managed services including Service Level Agreements for project provisioning and administration. Your managed services team – comprised of hand-picked professionals – takes care of routine and daily tasks, offers superior response and resolution, and provides direct access to product development experts.  Service Level Agreements can reduce risk and complexity, lower costs, and allow you to focus your attention on other strategic priorities. We take care of project provisioning, configuration, and administration around-the-clock. Put your organization in position to start a project on demand and connect your teams globally. Mitigate your project, operational and technology risk.  Give yourself and your organization complete peace of mind.
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